1. Hi I'm Smrati from Career Factory, you sent us a whatsapp message regarding the "CORE HR PROGRAM"

2. May I know what are your QUERIES

3. Ok what is your past WORK EXPERIENCE

4. Have you gone through our Website

5. Did you see the Live Class video posted on that Page ?

6. Are you aware of the Modules that will be covered in the Program

7. "Have you shared your CV with us?"

8. Ok please share your CV so that  we can properly assess your Training Requirement

9. When can you attend a Live Class with the "Enrolled Candidates"

10. Camera is NOT REQUIRED

11. We will be providing you opportunities but you will have to CLEAR THE INTERVIEW

12. There is No Back Door Entry in HR

13. I will arrange a call for you, with a Colleague of mine to answer those questions

14. The Fee etcetera will be discussed by Sir himself after your LIVE Session with the ENROLLED candidates

15. Fee is based on the Modules that will be recommended or chosen by you, so you can discuss directly with Sir

16. Almost 200+ Documents are shared with you during the Program which are ready to use in your day to day work

17. Beyond Classes, you get Assignments, Notes, Online Question Banks, access to Regular HR Updates and Confidential Jobs from us

18. We also recommend your candidature and help you during the interview process