Dear Sir / Madam,

This has reference to my discussion regarding my Experience Certificate with your Company from (Date example) May 2018 till 
(Date example) February 2019 as HR Generalist Associate

In regard to the same I hereby solemnly resolve and state that:-

1.That I have received all my Legal and Other dues in Full and that I have "No Financial or Legal Claims Whatsoever on Career Factory", its Directors, Partners, Faculties, Associates, Clients or any other Related Entity

2. That I shall not share, publish or disseminate the Screenshots, Documents, Excels and Other Confidential Material gathered during my tenure with Career Factory and also that has been provided to me by Career Factory.

3. That I agree to keep all Information disclosed to me including Client Lists, Employee Records, Client Agreements, and all Information and Material Confidential for all purposes, at all times unless if Required by Law

4. That my Experience was Very Much Satisfactory and I was treated well and respectfully by all the Owners, Associates, Directors, Employees and Clients of Career Factory

5. That I am stating all the above with my own Free Will and there is no Influence on me by anyone to state and resolve on the above

Through this e-mail I would also kindly request you to issue me my Experience Certificate at the Earliest

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
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