Dear Business Associate

So far you have relied on Earnings from your Job and have always wanted to have higher earnings over and above your salary

Now you can generate an additional income without leaving your current job by simply using your contacts and connections

All you need to do is help us to get Recruitment Contracts from your known sources (Companies) who shall hire candidates through us for a placement fee

You may introduce Key Decision Makers to us and we can contact them to get Recruitment Contracts from them. They shall also be considered as introduced by you

For every payment we receive from a Client introduced by you, for the placement done by us, we shall share a percentage of revenue with you, for as long as the business lasts with the Client

All the dealings with you are kept in strict confidence at all times

All you need to do is to start getting us recruitment contracts with the Organizations you know and start making money

For any further Clarification please email us at or WhatsApp us on +91 96 505 15 620