Module 1
Overview of Digital Marketing
Components of Digital Marketing
Market & Career Opportunities
Tools of Digital Marketing
Campaign Planning & Design
Module 2
Website Planning & Creation
Domain Registration
Website Hosting & Essentials
CMS Installation
WordPress Themes
Importing Content for Wordpress
Module 3
Search Engine Ecosystem 
Strategic PPC Campaigns
Market Analysis
Ad Writing Techniques
Campaign Management
Bid Management Plan
Effective Landing Pages
Performance Tracking
Decipher User Psychology
Reporting & Analysis
SEM Management

Module 4
Search Engine (SEO) Strategy
On Page Optimization
Tags, Metatags, Robots, XML,
Understanding Algorithms
Google Keyword Planner Tool
Understanding Keyword Mix
Off Page Optimization
Page Ranking, Backlinks, Listings
Google Webmaster Tools & SEO Audit
Google Panda, Penguin, EDM
Module 5

Web Analytics
Google Analytics
Content Performance Analysis
Visitor Behaviour Analysis
Social Media & CRM Analytics
Corrective Action Plan
Website Optimization
Module 6
Strategic Social Media Marketing
Channel Selection & Media Management Traffic Enhancement & Optimization.
B2B Lead Generation thru Linked In
Facebook Advertising Campaigns
Monetizing YouTube & Google +
Module 7
Essentials of Creative & Effective E-Mail 
Profiling,Segmentation & Targeting 
Scheduling, Frequency, Right Timing
Opt In / Out, Blacklisting, White-listing
Creative E-Mail Content, Relevance
Customer Acquisition Strategies
Automating E-Mail Responders
Split & A/B testing 
Post Campaign Metrics & Strategies
Module 8
Essentials of Mobile Marketing
In-App Mobile Advertising Strategy, Hi-Res App
Cost - Revenue Models & ROI
Interstitial, Banner, Rich, Search & Video
Measuring & Enhancing App Revenue
Acquisition, Engagement & Retention
Marketing Apps thru SEO & Social Media
Optimizing Websites for Mobile
SMS Marketing Campaign Management

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