Are There Any Suitable Vacancies for Me?
Yes! We have Suitable Vacancies for You

How do I Apply for them?
E-Mail Your CV, Call the Advertiser and Follow Up With them for Interviews.

Yes I am Doing that but I am Not Getting Any Response... Why So?
The Reason is Your Job Experience or Skill Set  does not match the Job Description or the Work Requirement of the Employer

But I have an MBA, and n Number of Years of Experience! Then what is the Issue?
If that Was Enough, then You Would Already Have Got a Proper Job, Isn't it?

THE EMPLOYER does not "HIRE" People who "THINK", they Can Do the Job - - - They HIRE People who Can "Actually" Do the Job!

But With Little Bit of Training I Can Learn...
When The Employer Easily Has Available Trained and Experienced Manpower, then Why Will they Waste their Time and Money in Teaching and Training Anyone?

So What Should I do Now?
You Should First Take Proper Experience in the Function of the Job which You Wan't - - - Get Hands On Experience - - - and then You Will Easily be Selected by the Employers
Without a Job, How to Get Experience?
We Are Providing You an Opportunity to Get 100% Practical Experience with the Employment Experience Certificate from the Company

Will this be Chargeable? 
Yes this is Chargeable, as Experts will Spend Time and Effort in Explaining all Actual Work, Training You, Guiding You and Actually Making You Do it !

So Unless I pay You, I won't get a Job?
Look! We Did Not Ask You to Pay Us Anything.

You Asked Us for a Solution; We Offered You the Solution - - - It is Your Free Choice How You Want to Make Your Career !

Is this Some Kind of a Marketing Thing? 
You are Unable to Secure a Proper Profile because of Lack of EXPERIENCE.

We are FILLING that GAP for YOU - - - So What is the NEED to do any SALESMANSHIP here...

NB : There is No Compulsion or Obligation on You to Join Our Programs. We Respect Your Choice!

Ok, What If I Pay You Money to Get Me a Job?
We Can Not Fool People. Companies Don't Hire People Without Proper Work Experience 

Even If Somehow You Get a Core Work Profile, You Will Loose it Very Quickly - - - Its a Performance  Oriented World ! ! !
Alright, Whats the Fees, Duration and Process ? 
First, You have to Attend an E-Classroom Session with the Other Candidates who are Enrolled for the Program. There is No Fee for that. After the Session, Its Your Free Choice to Join...

In Case You Join, the Fee will be appx. 7.5k to 9k per month for 3 months - depending on the Program

Ok! What is the Placement Guarantee ? 
The Interview has to be Cleared by You.

We can Assure You of Interviews and If You have Done the Program Well, You are Bound to Clear the Interview. Rest is between You and the Company

NB : There is No Compulsion or Obligation on You to Join Our Programs. We Respect Your Choice!

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