When looking for a job, you need all the help you can get.

You need an inside track to help you conquer a tough job market and, especially when dozens of people apply for the same position.

Career Factory can provide you with an unmatched advantage in a competitive job market.

Our professionals help you to improve the way you present yourself to potential employers, and assist you in finding positions not advertised online or in newspapers.

If you have just started looking for a new position, networking with Career Factory may help you find the perfect job.

If you have searched for a job for some time, and are currently unemployed or working in a job you hate, it may be time to consider hiring Career Factory.

Our job is to find quality candidates to fill job openings for companies.

We are contracted to work with a variety of companies and work with employment firms, recruiters, and various others

For Quick Appointments we offer

1. Job Application Services @ 2500/- per month
2. Job Alert Services @ 2500/- per month
3. Freshers' CV @ 750/-
4. Professional CV @ 1250/- per page (minimum 2 Pages)
5. Professional LinkedIn Profile Creation @ 2500/-
NB: All amounts are in Indian Rupees

Job Seekers Development Programs'

1. Personality Development @ 3000/- per month
2. English Language Program @ 3000/- per month
3. Communications Skills @ 3500/- per month
4. Sales & Marketing Program @ 5000/- per month
5. HR Training Program @ 15,500/-
6. MIS & Advance Excel Training @