Growth is Painful. But Nothing is as Painful as being Stuck Somewhere You don’t Belong...”

Remember, where you work today and what you do in that Job, will be referred to by your future Employers.

All the Jobs that You will get in LIFE, will depend on What You are doing NOW...
Are you doing a Job that is
Really Not Contributing anything in Building Your Career?

Why are We Telling You All this?
We work with Successful People and that has Made Us Successful...
90% of our Business comes from the People in whose Success we contributed... And Now, they Contribute to Ours...

How did We Do that?
We put People on a ULTRA Fast Growth Track  - - - by giving them Strong Practical Exposure to the Job Function from Entry Level to Senior Management Level, so they know where to begin in their Job and Where they were Going!
So What Difference does that Make!!

Think of It... You Spend 8 hours a day at Work... 5 or 6 Days a Week in Office... That is approximately 50% of your LIFE... Don't You Want Extra Ordinary Returns from Your LIFE ???

So What to Do Now?
Speak to Us, we don't charge People for the
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Counsel we Give. Yes we do Train People who want Ultra Fast Growth, but we don't compel anyone to Train with us...
Professional HR Generalist Program
HR 1 : Practical  Experience  Program in Pay Structure & Payroll with MIS
HR 2 : Practical Experience in Statutory Compliance - Liability + Benefits with MIS
HR 3 : Complete Returns Filing Procedure of PF & ESIC Returns with MIS
HR 4 : Practical Work Experience in Employee Taxation & Excel with MIS
HR 5 : Practical Experience in Managerial HR with MIS
Performance Management, Training & Development, OD Intervention, Administrative HR
HR 6 : Experience in Disciplinary Action, Industrial Relations, Contract Labour, Factories Compliance Management (MIS)
HR 7 : Practical Experience Program in Manpower Planning, Budgeting, Assessment & Selection with MIS

Professional Digital Marketing Expert
DM 1 : Applications of Digital Marketing
DM 2 : Website Creation, Design & Campaigns
DM 3 : Search Engines, PPC, Advertising Techniques & Campaign Management
DM 4 : Complete SEO Program
DM 5 : Complete Analytics Program
DM 6 : Social Media Marketing Program
DM 7 : E-Mail Marketing with Analytics
DM 8 : Comprehensive Program on Mobile Marketing
Basic & Advanced Excel Program
XL-1: Excel Basics
XL-2: Formulae & Functions
XL-3: Sorting & Filtering
XL-4: Pivot Reports
XL-5: Format, Text, Import
Advanced Excel
XL-6: Group of Worksheets
XL-7: Conditional Format
XL-8: Name & Name in formula
XL-9: Match & Index
XL-10: Database Functions
XL-11: Auto Filters and Advanced Filters
XL-12: Date &Time Functions
XL-13: MS Query to Import Data 
XL-14: Charts & Pivot Tables
XL-15: Dynamic Ranges
Practical Sales & Marketing Program
SM-1: Decoding Sales Process
SM-2: Essential Selling Skills
SM-3: Customer Psychology 
SM-4: Developing a Unique Style
SM-5: Business Communications
SM-6: Customer Relationship Management
SM-7: Drafting Sales Proposals
Advanced Sales Program
SM-8: Selling to Corporate Customers
SM-9: Selling to Institutional Buyers
SM-10: Selling to the Government
SM-11: Regional Sales Planning
SM-12: International Sales
SM-13: Online Sales
SM-14: Merchandising