Reference to your E-Mail kindly answer the following questions: -

1.   Can you independently Prepare a Salary Structure?    

2.    Have you filed any Statutory Return(s) on your Own?    

3.    Can you independently Prepare the Compliance Reports?    

4.    Can you Prepare the Payroll on Your Own?

5.    Can you Prepare the Overtime Release Statement on your Own?  

6.    Have you Prepared the Full and Final of any Employee on your own?          

7.    Have you conducted a Background Verification Check of an Employee?  

8.    Have you replied to a Demand Notice on your Own?

9.    Have you recruited any Manager for the Company on your own?            

10.  Have you prepared a Settlement Agreement before?

11.  Have you handled Labour / Employee Disputes before?

12.  Have you handled Statutory and Labour Office Audits before?   


If Most of Your Answers are “NO”, then you should Enroll for the Core HR Practical Program in order to meet the Job Requirements, Clear Interviews and Perform on the Job

Our Candidates are Working with Escorts Ltd, Credit Suisse (Investment Bank), Siemens AG. CIPLA Ltd, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC, WBL-Coca Cola, ITL-Airtel, DHL Worldwide, INOX Group, Coal India Ltd, Sage Publications, Genpact, Rezurv Ride, TruCabs,  Evotech, Asian Group, Quantum STG, Tru Cabs, EHPL Oman, VTL Singapore, Leogem UK, Metasoft Corp Canada, Spiderlink Networks, and Hundreds of Top Notch MNC’s

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