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Software Programmer

Advanced Excel & MIS Program
1. Excel basics
2. Creating formulae
3. Formatting worksheets
4. Basic printing
5. Charts
6. Absolute references
7. Range names
8. Conditional formulae
9. Conditional formatting
10. Basic tables
11. Formatting numbers and dates
12. Working with dates
13. Data validation
14. Protection
15. Advanced IFs
16. Lookup functions
17. Advanced lookup functions
18. Text functions
19. Advanced charts
20. Multiple worksheets
21. Advanced tables
22. Pivot tables
23. Advanced pivot tables
24. Scenarios
25. Data tables
26. Array formulae

NB: The Order of the Topics are according to the Instruction Requirement

Our Candidates are Working with Aditya Birla Group, Coal India Ltd (PSU), Siemens, HDFC, DHL Worldwide, WhiteHat Jr, Cipla, WBL - Coca Cola, ITL - Airtel, Tru-Cabs, Inox Group, Moser Baer, Genpact, FIITJEE Ltd, Sage Publications, Metasoft Corporation, Leogem Partners UK, Agrovision, Asian Power Controls Ltd, Max Life Insurance, Sodhani Biotech Pvt Ltd.

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